Hetrazan 100mg

Hetrazan 100mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

Active Ingredient Diethylcarbamazine
Indication: Worm infections, Filariasis
Manufacturer: Pfizer India Ltd
Packaging: 30 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 100mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Hetrazan 100mg (Diethylcarbamazine) - 100mg

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Take advantage of your health’s full potential with Hetrazan 100mg! Hetrazan 100 mg symbolizes hope and energy because it effectively fights infections and enhances immune responses. This medicine is a reliable companion in the struggle against crippling diseases, providing hope for a better future. Hetrazan 100 mg redefines healthcare standards; with each dose, you’ll be one step closer to a healthy tomorrow. Embrace its revolutionary potential. Learn how Hetrazan 100 mg can help you live a healthy life.

What is Hetrazan 100mg?

Loiasis, Bancroft’s filariasis, Eosinophilic lung, and River blindness are treated with Hetrazan 100 Tablet. Hetrazan tablets destroy worms using Diethylcarbamazine. This helps treat parasites and symptoms. This drug should be taken as prescribed.

Uses of Hetrazan 100mg

Toxocariasis, Loiasis, Tropical eosinophilia, and Filarial diseases are controlled by this medicine.

How Does Hetrazan 100 Mg work?

The main active ingredient of Hetrazan 100mg Tablet is 100 mg diethylcarbamazine and its body effects. Diethylcarbamazine blocks parasitic worm metabolic pathways. Let’s see how it works:

  • Prevents Parasite Mobilisation: The drug curbs worm movement, reducing infection.
  • Inhibits Parasite Mobilisation: Diethylcarbamazine improves the immune response by making immunological mediator cells stick more effectively to these worms.
  • Enhances Immunity Response: Since these cells are essential for infection defense, boosting their adhesion removes harmful worms from your body.

How to take Hetrazan 100mg?

Before you buy hetrazan 100mg read the following instructions about how to take the medicine:

  • Dissolve the tablet with water.
  • Take this medication after meals to avoid bloating and gas.
  • Never exceed the suggested quantity without consulting your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor before stopping this medication.


Know the several therapeutic benefits before you Buy Hetrazan 100mg tablets online:

  • It kills parasites and controls filariasis.
  • Reduces inflammation and speeds parasite recovery.
  • It modulates the immune system and boosts infection response.
  • Reduces parasite infection symptoms such as swelling, pain, and discomfort, enhancing quality of life.
  • Clinical research suggests that Hetrazan treats parasitic disorders safely and efficiently.

Due to these benefits, Hetrazan 100mg is an excellent medicine available at MalaysiaMeds.Com to control parasitic infections and facilitate health improvement

Side effects

Hetrazan 100 mg works well against parasite infections; however, it comes with the risk of adverse effects for some people. Some examples are:

  • Common adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea.
  • Sleepiness and dizziness hinder focus and motor coordination.
  • Allergen Sensitivity You may experience a rash, itching, swelling (particularly of the face, tongue, or neck), extreme light-headedness, or difficulty breathing seldom. See a doctor immediately if you have these symptoms.
  • Hetrazan 100 mg may increase liver enzymes or create other liver disorders.
  • Rare neurological adverse effects include headaches, disorientation, and seizures.
  • Other adverse effects include fever, muscle and joint pain, and vision problems.
  • Hetrazan 100mg Tablet side effects include itching, puffiness (particularly around the eyes), chest or throat tightness, wheezing, fatigue, and anxiety. Talk to your doctor if these adverse effects worsen.
  • Hetrazan 100 Tablet should not be taken by anybody allergic to its constituents. Women pregnant or nursing need medical advice. Keep your doctor informed about your health and drugs to avoid drug reactions.


Your doctor chooses Hetrazan 100 mg tablet dose. This may vary depending on your health and medicine response. Keep the dosage consistent with your doctor’s advice.

Missed dose:

Forgot a dose? Take Hetrazan 100 Tablet promptly. Take your missed dose as instructed, but make sure not to double it. Check with a doctor before increasing the dosage.


If you accidentally consume more Hetrazan 100 mg tablets than recommended, you may have overdose symptoms like headache, joint pain, and fatigue. Contact your doctor if these symptoms persist.


Drug Interactions:

The following drugs may interact with Hetrazan 100 Tablet:

  • Beta-blockers – Hetrazan 100 mg can interact with bisoprolol and acebutolol to reduce the heart rate.
  • Antidepressants: Hetrazan may reduce the efficacy of amitriptyline when used concurrently.

Drug-Food Interactions:

As anyone knows, Hetrazan 100 mg does not interact negatively with foods.

Drug-Disease Interactions:

The following medical conditions may interact with Hetrazan 100 Tablet:

  • Patients should use Hetrazan cautiously since it may worsen river blindness.
  • Seizure patients should avoid Hetrazan since it increases seizure risk.
  • The pill may cause tachycardia in heart patients.
  • Reduced renal function may require a lower dosage. Consult a doctor.


Pregnancy: Since Hetrazan tablets may harm the infant, pregnant women should not take them. If pregnant or trying to conceive, see your doctor before using this medicine.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding women should use Hetrazan 100 Tablets cautiously. Check with your doctor before taking this medicine.

Alcohol: Although alcohol and Hetrazan Tablets have not been shown to interact, the liver processes both. Alcohol should be limited when taking this medicine.

Liver: Hetrazan tablets are metabolized in the liver; those with liver disorders should be careful. Discuss liver health with your doctor before taking this medicine.

Kidney: Kidney patients should use Hetrazan 100 Tablets cautiously. Consult your doctor before using this medicine if you have renal issues.

Using Machines & Driving: Consult a doctor before driving or using heavy machinery since Hetrazan 100 Tablet may cause dizziness. Be careful until you understand this drug’s effects.

Allergy: Hetrazan 100 Tablet should not be taken if you are allergic to diethylcarbamazine or its components. Discuss alternatives with your doctor.

 Children: Children must consult a doctor before taking Hetrazan tablets. Consult a doctor before giving a youngster medication.

Older Patients: Seniors should use Hetrazan 100 Tablets under medical supervision due to the increased risk of negative effects. Patients over 70 should be approached with caution due to liver and kidney issues. Consider your health before seeing a doctor.


Hetrazan 100 mg treats parasitic infections and improves recovery. Although it has numerous benefits, knowing that it may have side effects makes it even more crucial to follow your doctor’s directions. You can check the Hetrazan 100mg reviews before you buy it.


What is the active ingredient in Hetrazan 100mg?

The anti-worm medication diethylcarbamazine is the active component of hetrazan.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

Take another Hetrazan 100 Tablet at your next planned time. Avoid missing doses when your next dosage is due by continuing your regular dosing plan. To avoid side effects, do not double-dosage to make up a missed dose.

What should I do if I experience a severe side effect?

If this medicine creates side effects, tell your doctor immediately. Take your medication as advised to maximize its benefits.

Who should not take Hetrazan 100mg?

Suppose you have narrow-angle glaucoma, an enlarged prostate, a gastrointestinal obstruction, urination issues, asthma episodes, or an allergy to Hetrazan 100 Tablet components. Do not take this medication then. Should you harbour any apprehensions, consult the physician.

How quickly does Hetrazan 100mg start working?

Hetrazan 100 mg usually works for hours to days, depending on the patient’s health and reaction.


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