Drug Policy

Our portal has a very clear drug policy. Customers who are looking to buy medicines on our site can go through our drug policy on our portal. Our drug policy has the whole thing that also mentioned all types of medicines we sell and obtain it. It is mentioned like the costs, offers, and quality checking of the medicines all are strictly checked out by professionals. We have also mentioned the advantage of purchasing medicines from our site.

All medicines purchase from us

There are hosts of medicines at our portal that you can purchase anytime. We categorized medicines for all types of health ailments or illnesses that are obtained from top-notch brands.  

We have the widest array of medicines comprised of prescription and generic medicines. Our wide-ranging medicines are available for all types of diseases which are directly sourced from different pharma manufacturing units such as:

    • Asthma

    • Erectile dysfunction

    • Herpes

    • Hepatitis C

    • Diabetes

    • Blood pressure problems

    • HIV/AIDS

    • Acne

    • Migraine

    • Infertility

    • Alzheimer’s syndrome

    • Cancer

How can we obtain the medicines?

We obtain medicines directly from pharma manufacturers worldwide. Sometimes we obtain them from retailers and wholesalers and they are all certified units.

We have already dealt the contracts with the pharma industries together with wholesalers to purchase medicines in large quantities. For this reason, Malaysiameds.com offers medicines on discounts. All our drugs or medicines are of the best quality. We already gained authorization from the local medicine store to grant the right to retail and buy medicines online.

Advantages of buying medicine from our portal

Malaysiameds ensures 100% quality of the medicines purchased from our site always. We give 100% assurance to the customers they will obtain the highest-quality medicines at very cost-effective rates. We ensure our customers they can take advantage of our offers and discounts while buying medicines. We ensure you to use any payment method while purchasing the medicines from our portal. We have a home delivery option that will deliver your drugs at your exact location.

We ensure the top quality of medicines at always

We ensure our customers they will get the top quality of medicines purchased from our site. We obtain all our medicines directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers sometimes we get them from certified wholesalers and dealers. We carry out thorough periodic checks examinations and audits on our current medicines stocks. Our periodic checking process incorporates accessibility and uses of the medicine, its standard, and security of the medicine.

We pay attention mainly on the ingredients of medicine and guarantee they will remain similar regardless of having in our logistic sections for a longer period of time. However, the most vital thing we emphasize on is the expiry dates of the drugs. Such a checking process is done by proficient experts such as doctors, and quality professionals that perform the repetitive checks and inspections.

Prices of the medicines

Even as, the rates of all our medicines are similar as it is announced and given on the packages of the medicines with the help of pharma industries. We majorly have bulk orders for medicines and this is the reason we give discounts and offers to our buyers.

All discounts and offers we provide are based on the bulk orders we have done from pharma companies and the costs are mentioned. We don’t state anything about the terms of prices of any medicine mentioned on our site.

We are a well-known and reputable online portal worldwide that is best for the sale and delivery of medicines and you can check the rates of medicines on our site. This process is involved that is different from one country to another which is decided on the existing costs in your area or country. At the same time, we offer similar costs for particular medications to the entire nations which are offered by us. We offer the best possible market prices for medicines to our customers.

We give offers and discounts based on the type of medicine you are going to purchase from our portal. Because of the accessibility of offers and deals throughout the year, of course, the costs of the medicines can vary on the supply that we have appropriate demand and accessibility of the medicines.