Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Whenever you visit our portal Malaysiameds.com so, you have to go through our stringent terms and condition. We are unable to ensure that all medicines can cure to your disorders. To know this, you need to consult doctors and then buy medicines when healthcare experts will advice for buying medicines.

We are not even responsible if you don’t get effective results after taking medicines. When it comes to pricing that is given on our site and it can be changed according to discounts, offers, and availability in stocks and seeing other market activities which will be decided by authorities of our portal. 

The details of all our medicines are featured on our site is only used by doctors’ recommendation, therefore, we don’t give any advice or recommendation. The images are mentioned on our medicines description page are given for reference only.

Due to any emergency purpose, we may cancel your ordered product. In this situation, we will notify you regarding this matter through email or phone number so, we are not responsible for this. We have a definite right to change the prices and will be kept according to market trends and top authorities’ decisions and it will be mentioned only limited with maximum market prices or the maximum retail prices.

You have not right to blame us for sudden changes in prices. We never persuade our customers to use our benefit plans. The privilege discounts are available for permanent members of our site. It is not mandatory to mention your email id while purchasing your medicines on our online platform. But it will be a great help for you to receive all the new and latest information.

Use of medicines purchased from our site

We don’t ensure people they will get better results or any health benefits of using any of our medicine. With the help of our site, we do not suggest or prescribe any medication of other companies. At the same time, we simply work as a prominent retailer so, that you can decide what to purchase or not. We don’t ensure that the users or patients will get rid of any kind of particular health problem once the medicines are purchased from our site.

You can get a variety range of medicine brands and each brand has own rules and ethics so, that you can find several dosages according to the strengths of the generic element. You need to take advice from the doctor and only if similar drugs with dosages are accessible on our site that you purchase from us.

Security policies of our site

We ensure to offer you top rigorous and stringent security online payment gateway for our all potential and new buyers. However, the entire information you give while purchasing medicines besides the payment details is not meant to market or advertise.

All your basic information will be confidential and safe while making your purchase like your name, address, contact number, and email id are all blocked on our private data servers. 

Our servers are provided with top online security to protect your data. Once we receive your payment through your end-all all information which will be removed from your data forever quickly and we don’t keep your personal details for a longer time.  

Delivery package to your home

When you buy medicine from our portal so, our logistical team is liable to reach your product to your current location. In case, your product is not reached due to an invalid address so, your product can be canceled and it will be back again to our logistical firm.

In such cases, we do not give you a refund of the amount until customers call us back and inform use regarding such matters. Keep in mind, that throughout the next shipping, you have to pay your shipping and courier prices again.

The products can be delayed in case of emergency reasons like poor climate conditions or any issue that arises with our delivery and logistical system. Thus, you should tolerate this thing with us as we are not responsible for this.

Delaying in customs 

Sometimes your product can be pending to customs department from local airports or seaports. For this, we are not liable in delaying in shipment in this situation. So, the customers should pay charges to customs duty anyhow.

Pricing policy

However, the costs or prices mentioned on our site don’t mean to influence people. The offers and discounts are available on our portals which are decided by our management team. There is no bargaining for prices for medicines on our site. On the other hand, all offers and discounts on prices are designed by the authority.

Cancellation policy

Once the product has been packed and delivered to people so, if you want to cancel it due to any reason and such cancellation will be done within 7 days from the date of product delivery to your place. Furthermore, in such a situation once the seal is broken so, we can deny your cancellation order. We are not responsible for this.