Return Policy

We ask all our customers of our site to must go through the return and refund policy. The customers will get an overall idea and overview of our policy that we have mentioned on our portal and help to clear their doubts before and after making a purchase of medicines from us.

Order confirmation process

When you are about to buy a product and fix the order finally so, we will send a mail of confirmation of buying the product before moving to the payment page that has the entire features of the medicines including prices as well.

After this process, we will process your order and request to pay us online. Once your order is confirmed and it is fixed that you have purchased it so, at the same time we will send you a final acceptance confirmation from our end along with full details like order value and the expected delivery time of the product. In case we cannot make your order just because of a lack of stock so, we will also inform you about this matter through your email.

Confirmation your shipment transmit

Once your order is completed successfully and you have also paid for an order so, you can easily track your product shipment on our site. We will send you a mail again to inform you about our shipment is about to reach. Generally, it takes around 48 hours after you make your final order on our site and after the payment process.

At the same time, we will also mail you with proper shipment invoice that includes shipping details, and the tracking process of the shipment throughout the transport. These processes will be given step by step.

If you face difficulty in understanding about anything related to our services and products so, you can dial our helpline number anytime and ask your queries.

We deliver your package to your place according to your given address. Furthermore, once your order is delivered then, try not to change the shipping address which causes problems and then the package can be undelivered.

Understands the customs

Malaysiameds offers medicines in both protective areas in India and international regions. Hence, if you made an order for overseas people so, you need to wait for some days. As your package moves to the airport or the port then after it reaches to a place for a customs check and this leads in delaying.

We are not responsible for such delay and it is totally not in our hands. But once the customs check has been done successfully then your product is about ship to your specific location.

Therefore, customs checking takes some more days so, you have to wait for this.

It is the best time to get the package

However, whether for local and within the territorial area do not worry your products will be shipped to your doorstep just in a few days. But delays can happen due to abrupt situations like customs check delays, natural calamities, political issues, and havoc or lockdown in that particular region.

We usually take a maximum of 15 to 20 working days to deliver your package. But remember, custom checks can delay the process of shipment so, track your package and shipments as well as contact us for further help.

Reshipping misplaced orders

We have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Thus, we can reship your or refund our customers if your product is misplaced or lost from our transit area.

We have to stand the entire loss for the clients including customs duty charges. If the customers are unable to get their product after 21 days so, we request to contact our helpline number for assistance.

Usually, we reship the package to the customer sometimes free. You may contact us anytime.

Return and Refunding Policy

Under any situation, if customers get their package and receive a broken seal or tampered seal so, they have to contact us immediately at sometimes within 7 days of getting the shipment.

If you want a refund order or return order in 7 days so at that time we prepare for a reshipment and then we take the damaged product from customers after checking the entire thing.

We don’t return and refund orders after 7 days of receiving the packages.