Avana 50mg

Avana 50mg (Avanafil)

Active Ingredient Avanafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 50mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Avana 50mg (Avanafil) - 50mg

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Avana 50mg is a medicine that may help males suffering from specific penis erection disorder issues to overcome such challenges and be able to make hard penis erections once again.

Avanafil’s actions include providing a strong vasodilation effect in the penis Arties such that you will be able to get a strong erection easily with the rise in blood flow.

Buy Avana 50mg (Avanafil)

Avana 50 is a very common generic brand of medicines that is buyable easily through several sales channels. You can Buy generic Avana medicines online from our website malaysiameds.com.

Online you have several generic pharmacies to choose from. Even you may find out about online medicine wholesalers and distributors providing their services.

What is Avana 50mg?

Avana 50 is a medicine that is capable of letting a male emerge out of their erection trouble and be able to achieve a strong and desirably hard erection once again. This potential medicine is useful in curing the condition of impotence which is a sexual disorder making men incapable of producing and sustaining a strong erection on their own.

Uses of Avana 50mg

The only prescription use of the Avanafil 50 mg tablets is in terms of curing ED. Not that the medicine can permanently help you to come out of ED issues. But the medicine may be useful temporarily letting men enjoy their sexual fantasies.

Once each pill is taken the medicine is only sustainable in producing erectile hardness for a few hours. Remember that all the usage guidelines such as the length of administering the medicines, and the suitable dose for yourself including the tenure will be fixated by the doctors.

How does Avana work?

Avana medicines will work based on its generic ingredient Avanafil actions. Avanafil Malaysia the generic ingredient can cater to a PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting effect under which the cGMP enzyme will begin secreting alternatively. It is due to these effects that soon nitric oxide will come into play and begin showcasing the effects of vasodilation within the penis tissues and the arteries surrounding the region enabling you to achieve a strong and hard erection.

How to take Avana 50?

Avana pills are swallowing medicines. This means that the ideal way of administering the pills is by way of using water and gulping the medicine down your throat. Remember that you have to take the medicine some time before having sex as Avanafil also takes time to get into effect.

What does Avana 50 contain?

Avana 50mg pills contain the generic substance of Avanafil in them. It is this generic substance that belongs form the PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting family of generic medicines that can produce and enable the changes leading up to the hard erection stage.

Avana 50mg for treating erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Avana helps treat erectile dysfunction in males but is based on a few conditions. One is that you must avoid taking the medicine when you are allergic to its generic substance use which is Avanafil.

Other than this patients will have to be cautious of administering the medicine up to a specific tenure which is recommended by the doctors. Usually, this term is based on your age, health conditions, and your ability to suit the action of the medicines.

Benefit of Avana 50mg

Avana 50mg pills have many potential benefits over other ED Curing generic branded versions. First of all, the medicine is capable of potentially causing penis erections for a long enough time. Most patients have been able to get up to 6 hours of working actionable time with the use of the medicines.

Other than this the primary benefit of administering the medicines is its low cost which makes it budgetaryly affordable for most patients.

Avana 50mg Dosage

Avana 50mg pills will be recommended to you based on a certain dosage. Each of such medicines contains a generic equivalent of 50mg dose in each of the pills. It is the 50mg dose of the medicine which is a mild dose and preferable for males beginning the course of such a medicine or even to those who have only been diagnosed with a mild condition of ED.

Side Effects of Avana 50mg

Usually, the patients may have many side effects on administering the medicines of Avanafil Tablet. Some of the side effects may occur only as mild ones due to your body adjusting to the use of the drug. These are generally the mild ones such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nervousness, palpitations, tremors and so on which are also possible with mild dosage.

Other than this it is also possible that you may have some more severe side effects which may be possible only on having allergic issues with the use of the pills. These include experiencing lower libido, chest pain, priapism, fluctuating blood pressure, and so on.

Drug Interactions with Avana 50Mg

There are possibly a few drugs that are capable of producing drug interactions. It is thus that men need to avoid taking such medicines when already under the course of the Avana 50mg Tablet.

Some of the medicines causing particularly high chances of drug contraindication include blood pressure-controlling pills, those medicines which have nitrates in them possibly causing vasodilation as well, medicines with alpha and beta blocker tendencies, and so on.

Warnings and Precautions

Avana tablets need the following specific precaution measures as long as you are using the medicine. Some of the precautionary measures include avoiding taking an overdose or administering more than one medicine each day, using any of the contraindicating medicines as given above, and avoiding the use of substances causing addiction.

You are not to drive post taking the pill since this may difficulty in doing so. If you have a cardiac disorder or have undergone critical heart surgery you will need to avoid using medicines.

Where to Buy Avana 50mg in Malaysia

Avana-50 is a medicine that is also available for buying in Malaysia. You don’t have any legal restrictions on using the medicine but you may have to spend a little more on import duties for using the medicine, Remember that you need only one document to avail the medicines and that is your prescription. Buy Avana 50mg in Malaysia from the most popular trusted online pharmacy store Malaysiameds.com, Buy at the Lowest Price.


How long does Avana last?

Avana-50 Tablet usually lasts for around 5 to 6 hours producing erections anytime and very easily in male patients.

What If you forget to take Avana 50Mg?

If in case if you avoid using the Avana 50mg make sure to take the next medicine on time. Avoid making your missed dose into a regular habit.

Why choose us?

Malaysiameds.com is one of the most trustable online generic pharmacies providing uncomparable rates on medicines, providing faster shipping and delivery. Buy Avana 50mg on our website now.

Is Avana 50mg ever going to be available over the counter?

No, you always need to have the prescription with you to buy Avana tablets 50mg from a counter.

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