What is Erectile Dysfunction and What Factors Cause It 

erectile dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?  

You and your wife are sexually stimulated; you are with your wife in bed and making love to each other. The moment approaches and you don’t feel enough erection for intercourse. Your penis doesn’t get firm and extended erection though you are sexually very stimulated. 

You are lying in bed with disappointment and guilt, and your wife gets out of the room with dissatisfaction, this condition is called a lack of an adequate erection and in medical terminology, erectile dysfunction. So, now you know what is ED and what affect it dose on a couple. 

If this condition endures for a long period it is confirmed that you have erectile dysfunction. You don’t need a specific test, you can Test ED by yourself.  

In many cases, men feel the issue in following different manner. 

  • Erection happens but only sometimes 
  • Erection comes and goes in a few seconds  
  • Erection doesn’t come at all, though sexually stimulated   

A question might arise in the mind if you have erectile dysfunction can you still get hard, yes you might get hard but not enough to complete the intercourse or sexual activities.  

Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction 

A man needs to know erectile dysfunction psychology because this physical condition affects psychologically to a man, his wife, and his entire family as well. The reason behind it is men connect sex with their self-esteem, ego, and largely with their manhood. 

This is a social misconception developed over many centuries, and a man needs to know that not being able to erect and not performing in bed is a medical condition and the causes for this condition are many.  

The worst thing men generally do while having erectile dysfunction is they don’t talk about it or share the issue with anyone. 

Erectile dysfunction can create a loss of sexual desire, decrease self-confidence, turmoil in relationships, and divorce-like conditions, break a family, mental stress and interruption in work, and create career challenges, and so on so forth. Just imagine that this small issue that could be treated with simple medication can destroy your entire life that you have built brick by brick, and the reason for this destruction is you don’t talk about erectile dysfunction.      

Erectile dysfunction is not related to ego, self-esteem, and manhood, so get the proper treatment through naturally or with medication

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction? 

There are 30 million cases in the USA and there are 10 million new cases that arrive in a year in India, these are figures from two nations, just imagine the numbers of men having erectile dysfunction from all the countries. 

ED or impotency is a global issue as experts say more than 50% global population of men are facing this condition. Because ED is related to sexual ability, men never talk about it and we will never know the exact number or percentage. 

In our society, sex is still a taboo and there are still communities where a man and his wife don’t talk about sex, so if a man has the condition of erectile dysfunction he is not going to share it with his wife or health provider. 

The findings and statistics from different global surveys and studies indicate that erectile dysfunction is seen in all age groups of adult men, meaning from the very age of 18 to 80 years men have this condition. Some men had the condition of ED and they recovered, some men have periodic ED, and some men have permanent ED. 

Different types of Erectile Dysfunction 

You need to know what causes a man not to erect because erectile dysfunction has different types and you need to understand which type you have, this will help you comprehend the condition and the treatment of the same as well. 

1 – Organic erectile dysfunction: 

Vascular: when your arteries, blood vessels, and muscles related to the penis are congested or weak they will not work adequately and you could have the issue of erectile dysfunction. 

Neurologic: erectile dysfunction can be caused by disturbed neurological conditions. To be sexually stimulated is not enough to have sex, you need an erection and when you have neurological issues you may not feel an erection. If you have had brain or spine injuries the treatment and medication related to this can be the reason for you not feeling the erection.  

2 – Psychological erectile dysfunction: 

Find out what psychological reasons are causing it and you will know how to beat psychological erectile dysfunction

Personal Stress: if personal issues are disturbing you and you find out that because of stress you are not getting an adequate erection work on it. 

Financial crisis: if you are going through a financial crisis you might not have an erection as your whole concentration is on the money side.  

Relationship issues: when you are having relationship issues with your wife or partner it is likely not to have an erection as you are mentally disturbed.  

Family emergency and other family issues: in times of family crisis your whole focus is on solving the issue and you might not have the erection needed to complete intercourse even if you are sexually aroused.  

Anxiety of performance: when you take too much pressure to perform in bed it might result in inadequate erection, so take everything lightly and enjoy the process rather than getting tensed with the result.  

Mental stress you might have ED: in the condition that you have already felt a lack of erection and you are scared you might again have the same issue. You are involved in sexual activities with this mental stress of what if you have erectile dysfunction, this mental condition may result in actual erectile dysfunction condition.  

3 – Hormonal erectile dysfunction: 

When you have hormonal erectile dysfunction that means you have low sex testosterone or weak testosterone you might have erectile dysfunction or even your desire to have sex can reduce. The condition of low testosterone can be a condition at the time of birth and if not treated the person may not feel erection at all or periodic erection but not enough to perform sexual activities.  

We also have to know the different Stages of Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Erection happens but only sometimes 
  • Erection comes and goes in a few seconds  
  • Erection doesn’t come at all, though sexually stimulated 
  • Had an erection but after a few years it was gone  
  • Never had an erection

Who does Erectile Dysfunction affect? 

A man who has the condition of erectile dysfunction has to go through mental disturbance but with that man, his whole family goes through the disturbance. 

  • A man’s wife has to suffer dissatisfaction and their relationship as a couple sees tremors.
  • According to the experts a weak sex life can cause the situation of divorce for a couple as sex is the foundation of a man and a woman’s relationship. 
  • A man and his wife are unable to concentrate on their kids and their needs so the kids suffer.
  • The couple is unable to focus on their family member and their daily activities of their house and household work. 
  • A man cuts himself from friends and social gatherings after he starts facing issues with his wife and family.
  • The couple will be impotent at their workplace as their concentration and focus levels are low and they are mentally disturbed.
  • The overall growth of the couple as individuals is stopped and that will affect overall life.
  • When the couple is not evolving on the personal front their careers will see a decline as they will not perform up to the mark and won’t be able to be competitive.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

There are some direct and indirect conditions and actions that cause erectile dysfunction for a man, so he has to be cautious and take very good care of his mental and physical health with that a man has to avoid certain habits to be sexually fit.

A few of the reasons that might affect your sexual health and create the condition of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Mental health 
  • Diabetes 
  • Heart disease 
  • Smoking 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Obesity 
  • High cholesterol
  • Clogged blood vessels

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated? 

Natural and medication are two ways of treatment for erectile dysfunction


By changing your lifestyle and habits you can treat erectile dysfunction. These changes will bring mental and physical stability to your overall health including your sexual health as well. If you and your wife or partner both does these activities together they will find greater results.  

  • Yoga
  • Physical exercise
  • Diet
  • Enough sleep
  • Smoking cessation 
  • Sex therapy 
  • Couple counselling for sex 
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Stress management 
  • Avoid alcohol consumption 


There are multiple medications that treat erectile dysfunction very effectively, these medicines are called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. These PDE 5 inhibitors are called sildenafil (Kamagra Malaysia), Vardenafil, Avanafil, and tadalafil. 

These medicines are used with prescription-only medicines so you must have an authorized prescription from your health provider. 

These medicines will calm down your blood vessels and muscles of the penis and this way contribute to adequate blood flow and results in a proper erection that is firm and extended to perform intercourse. 

These medicines do have side effects but those are very insignificant and your body will adjust to the medicine by the time. You have to obey the prescription written by your health adviser to get the best result for your condition of erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men and it can create tremors in your relationship and overall life, so you need to address it at the right time. 

The question arises in the mind Can erectile dysfunction be cured, yes this condition is very much treatable but for that you have to leave your embarrassment and shyness aside and talk to your health provider about it who will guide you through the treatment. 

You can also treat this condition of ED through natural changes or lifestyle changes but this is a long and time-consuming way of treating. The best way to treat erectile dysfunction is to start medication under the guidance of your authorized health provider. 

Some studies indicate that erectile dysfunction or an unhealthy sex life may affect your relationship and create the condition of divorce for the couple. So, go to your doctor and start your medication if you are troubled with erectile dysfunction.